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Bea Craig Bio

Growing up in Lookout Mountain, GA, Bea Craig was constantly surrounded by  creativity as a child, and decided in the ninth grade to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. She studied painting and illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated in 2003. After experimenting with different media and styles, Bea found her true passion of composing abstracts, large and small.   Her pieces are melodies of color-play filled with pops of brightness, while others are more neutral in tone.  “Sometimes the most unexpected things inspire me, especially living in the deep south.  The worn weathered paint on abandoned buildings, the rich colors of rusty trains and the beautiful hues of the Florida beaches constantly inspire my color palette.” After moving around the country, she’s back in her home state. When not painting in her home studio, you will find her enjoying life with her husband and two precious children in Decatur, GA. 

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