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Carrie Davis Bio

Carrie Davis

Carrie Davis lives in Charleston, South Carolina where she works as a freelance writer, fine artist, and creative consultant. Her focus as a fine artist is abstract pen and ink pieces and acrylic paintings. She also enjoys traveling to paint live for events, such as the BBCON National Conference in Nashville, TN, the Engage Art Carolina’s kick-off event in Charlotte, NC, and the monthly First Wednesday service held at Seacoast in Mount Pleasant, SC. Additionally, she paints large-scale murals and works with various organizations to create installation pieces. Carrie is the founder of the Charleston Creative Community, an organization focused on educating, encouraging, and empowering local artists in the Charleston area. In her non-working hours, Carrie and her husband Nate are committed to raising their four children to be upstanding citizens who love others, chew with their mouths closed, & know the difference between "they're" and "their". Carrie's daily experiences are what inspire her art and writing, and she candidly documents the beautiful, messy, and often crazy journey of being a Mom, Pastor's wife, and creative junkie on her Instagram account.

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