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Carrie Penley Bio

Carrie Penley

Carrie is a native Georgian and has always been a big fan of the arts.  After graduating from The University of Georgia, she moved to Atlanta and started a career in interior design. She worked with some of Atlanta’s best designers, Dan Carithers and Dotty Travis.  Her style and design grew under their tutelage, as well as, through her educational trips to New York, London, Paris, Prague, Beijing, and Italy. Carrie loves to experiment with new techniques, mediums, and subjects. “I have always been in awe of nature and the incredibly inspiring landscape we are blessed to call home.  Using lights and darks, texture and most often subtle color combinations, my artwork is about expressing appreciation for our lives, the beautiful creatures who surround us and help sustain us, while encouraging others to slow down, look around and see for themselves. Carrie lives in Carrolton, GA with her three children and paints in her home studio.

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