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Gina Cochran Bio

Gina Cochran

Human behavior fascinates me. I have a background in Mental Health Counseling and more recently, Applied Behavior Analysis. My work is a visual representation of an emotional response to all of the things I experience on any ordinary day. It comes from a place of resolution, gratitude and ultimately happiness. I often begin a piece with text written in charcoal, and depending on what is in my head, I may cover the canvas repeatedly. I work in many layers, as many as it takes, frequently tucking things in or masking something out, sometimes repeating the entire process.  It’s completely process driven, a back and forth, an energetic dialogue of responses and reactions. The resulting surfaces are thick; marred and textured, and usually riddled with hushed secrets.  An Alabama native, Gina currently lives in rural northern VA with her husband and son.

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