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Jane Ingols Bio

Jane Ingols


Jane has lived and worked in Atlanta since completing a B.A. in Fine Art from Samford University. Formal education aside, art has always been a constant force in Jane’s life. The pastoral beauty of her grandparents’ farm, the more exotic and less familiar places visited and the unexpected visuals found in the everyday life continue to inspire her.  Excited by the creative process and desire to capture beauty through original artwork, Jane expresses her talents with a soft elegance.  Maintaining a studio for over 25 years, Jane has worked closely with and created custom artwork for some of the most talented interior designers in the southeastern United States. Working with the design industry has given her valuable insight into the needs of the design professional. Her versatile style, knowledge of materials and use of color stem from that experience; Jane proudly creates completely unique pieces that complement interior spaces well. Most of her mixed media paintings are medium to large scale in size. They are supported by gallery wrapped canvas, custom built wooden panels or hung as large canvas “tapestries” with hand finished edges and headers. Her work has been featured in major regional and national publications.

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