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Kim Collinson Bio

Kim Collinson

From a very early age, Kim has been fascinated with the creative world. From music, dance, drawing and painting, she has always had a great affection for the arts. Kim is a modern abstract painter whose works are vibrant, spontaneous and soulful. She creates depth in her paintings with energetic brushwork and palette knife, and most importantly...color! “My hope is that I create work with life and emotion that fully engage the viewer. I want my paintings to create a feeling and to be experienced.” Originally from Dallas, Texas, Kim moved to Atlanta in 2000 and calls it home. While she lives in Atlanta with her husband and three boys most of the year, the family spends their summers in California. Kim is inspired by the natural beauty of the world around her; from Georgia's sprawling canopy of magnolias and pines to California's breathtaking coastline and dramatically windswept ocean-side cliffs, she enjoys the constant flow of inspiration that God has created. 

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