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12 x 12 (13 x 13 framed)

acrylic on canvas, framed

Vinayak Godbole

$ 460

Vinayak Godbole

I began my artistic career by painting portraits for commission. I studied portrait and landscape painting under the late Mr. K. B. Kulkarni at Chitra Mandir in Belgaum, India. I've always wondered why people like or feel happiness when they see a certain painting. Curiosity led me to notions such as the relationship between emotions and colors. I also studied the works of painters like Rothko, Hans Hoffman, Nicolas de Stael, and Wolf Kahn. My studies enabled me to produce my artwork in a way that would passively elicit pleasant feelings. My compositions tend to be passive in appearance and help viewers enter a parasympathetic state gradually. I often use landscape-based composition and minimize the impact of form, which may negate the object. I've participated in a few galleries and shows in the south Atlanta area, including Newnan, Peachtree City, and Serenbe, in recent years. In the past, I've participated in art exhibitions at Bombay, India's National Center for Performing Arts, Mood Indigo, and other venues. I work full time in a 1000-square-foot studio space and like to work in oil and acrylics on small and large canvases.

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