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She speaks her mind no. 1

10 x 10

gouache on paper

Lizzy Love

$ 150


Lizzy Love

My name is Lizzy Love and I'm an artist in Nashville, TN. I create figurative works on canvas with acrylic paint and papers with watercolor and gouache. This body of work has been a rebirth for me creatively. While I've been painting full time for the last 5 years, I feel like I've really come into myself creatively with my figurative paintings. Born out of a time of uncertainty and lots of questioning, I was pushed to dig deep and get back to basics. I decided to switch gears from painting the landscapes, for which I had been primarily making for years. As an effort to get my creative spark back, I started sketching figures from magazines, a subject I hadn’t explored in a long time. Over many months they slowly evolved into what they have become; starting from detailed and realistic, to more abstract and modernist. I am a big believer that the environment of your home shapes your attitude, and for that reason I love interior design. That love is what led me to start incorporating furniture / interior surroundings / and patterns into the pieces. I pull apart and put back together the lines and shapes of many of my favorite interiors, and place them amongst the figures in a dynamic way. These ladies embody many things - community, respect, femininity, reverence. They are a way to draw attention to what being a woman entails. Many times it means being fierce and strong. Many times it means leaning on and drawing your strength from friends that are like family. While creating each piece, I draw upon the love and reverence I have for all the women in my life; the women who have shaped me, lifted me up when I needed it, laughed with me, and inspired me.

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